Arduino Piano Gets an Open Source “Squealer” Synth Engine

Clean is overrated. If you’re ready for a little digital dirt in your synth life, powered by the open-source Arduino hardware, Marc Nostromo’s Squealer is for you. Built atop the wonderful, Arduino-based Pocket Piano kit by Critter and Guitari, it’s a full-blown, simple, digitally-gritty synthesis engine. You get a monosynth, some fixed waveforms, a resonant […]

Novation Releases All MIDI Details for Launchpad

Novation’s Launchpad, its affordable (

Peter Kirn - November 2, 2009

Computer Vision Goodness: OpenCV 2.0, OpenCV on Android, Book

OpenCV powers a multitouch interface, built in openFrameworks. Project by / photo (CC) Todd Vanderlin. When Thanksgiving rolls around, OpenCV will be one of the gifts for which I’ll be thankful. OpenCV is a “computer vision” library, capable of tracking motion and analyzing images, but generally useful as a pixel-crunching video library for many tasks. […]

Peter Kirn - November 2, 2009

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