OpenSoundControl: Now Compatible with Magical Unicorns

For anyone whose complaint about OSC aka OpenSoundControl is that it lacks broad hardware support, I have one word for you: Unicorns. OSC now runs on magical unicorns. (Would a unicorn not want high-resolution, human-readable messages encoded with time-stamps? I think they would. And because OSC is transport-independent, it can absolutely run on magical Unicorn […]

Analog-to-Digital Love: Rutt-Etra Scan Processing, Reinterpreted

Scan Processor Studies (excerpts pt.1) from Brian O'Reilly on Vimeo. The ghost in the analog machine breathes again, digitally. Here’s a beautiful set of work posted by Brian O’Reilly, who working with original Rutt-Etra scan processing from decades ago has re-conceived the work in digital realms. The 21st-Century invention takes place in software, but with […]

Peter Kirn - November 18, 2009

DIY MIDI In, MIDI Out For Your Gear: New Kits from HighlyLiquid

MIDI control of analog devices from Michael Una on Vimeo. John at HighlyLiquid has been busy this year- he’s got a new kit out and one in the works that really step up the game. You may be familiar with his previous kits, which add MIDI control to Speak & Spell, Atari 2600, or pretty […]

James Grahame - November 18, 2009

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