OK Go have built a career around creative music videos, and their latest “WTF” is no exception:

OK Go – WTF? from OK Go on Vimeo.

This is a great example of a “high budget”, low budget piece. There has obviously been some investment in a nice chromakey studio to shoot in, and plenty of prototyping of effects and props. I think OK Go are making better use of that investment than the endless, homogeneous “band playing in white studio” clips which pollute our music video ecology like so much floating styrofoam.

Of course we’ve all seen video-delay and single shot clips before. However, “has it been done before” is a poor creative yardstick. We don’t need to pioneer a wholly new technique for every piece we make. As long as you produce something which has personality, and creates an emotional connection with your audience, then I think anyone who accuses you of being “unoriginal” is missing the point.