m30 Sometimes, all you need is one really good reverb with editable parameters. TC Electronic has done some really lovely reverb work, and they’re currently giving away one of their plug-ins, for three days only. Registration is required, if you’re opposed to such things, but beyond that, there are no strings attached. (Yes, there’s a mailing list, too, so you have to unsubscribe if you don’t want it. Why not put an opt-out on the registration page, TC?)

The plug-in is free through Wednesday, and then costs US$79 after that.

What you get from the M30:

  • VST, AU compatibility on Windows and Mac
  • Hall algorithm (no Room or Plate, though – for that, you need the M40 which ships with TC’s audio interfaces)
  • Editable parameters for pre-delay, decay, “hi color,” and the requisite wet/dry mix

It’s nothing revolutionary, but I’m always game for a nice Hall algorithm. Interestingly, TC has worked out a way to port their native DSP code from hardware to computer-native code using something they call AlgoFlex. (Out of context, that sounds like some modern-looking lamp at Design Within Reach, or maybe that’s just me.)

M30 Studio Reverb

Free Reverb Deal