There is technology, and then there is the popular imagination of that technology. Even in our increasingly-tech-savvy society, there’s often a gap between the two, conscious and subconscious.

The imagination of how image processing might work, though, is especially incredible. If you haven’t seen the video above, it’s hilarious – and familiar. Perhaps the greatest gap between how technology works and how we fantasize it could work has to do with our own intelligence. We’re able to “zoom” our perception on tiny details, so why shouldn’t digital imaging? We have powers of speech, analysis, and logic, so why shouldn’t super-intelligent robots, too?

I wonder, though – have these kinds of chuckle-inducing clips decreased in frequency, as average users work more with software like Photoshop?

If nothing else, the bar remains set at this level of magical capabilities. If 50s kids dreamt of flying cars and space travel, now we wish for a hyper-powerful version of Adobe Creative Suite. And if that doesn’t say something about our modern society, I don’t know what does.