UK creative coder Memo has released an early holiday present, a video delay system allowing us to reproduce the effect seen in OK Go’s “WTF” clip (Behind the scenes video on Youtube).

This piece really does contain all of The Good Stuff. Processing, live video, sharing code, the innocent joy of a child in song, and of course the Flying Spaghetti Monster (may we all be touched by his noodly appendage).

It really is super easy to get running, too. You need the Xmas2009 code (couldn’t think of a better project name Memo?), Processing, and the ControlP5 library installed. When that’s in place, the actual Processing code which builds the effect is only 104 lines!

While we’re on the topic of gifts and Processing, if you’re not following @CDMBlogs on Twitter, you may have missed the excitement over the recent Processing Tshirt release. I received my “copy” of The Beauty, and it’s a truly lovely piece of tshirt art. They’re nigh on sold out now, ┬ábut maybe if you bug @REAS (website) or @Ben_Fry (website) they’ll do a reprint sooner rather than later.