I posted this last night on CDMu, but thought it would be worth mentioning here as well, for those hard-line visualists who don’t read both sites.

VJing is an extremely varied art form, but long sets is one thing most visual performers have in common. Whether at a festival, or playing club nights, it’s not uncommon to have a single visualist running the stage for an entire show. Usual gripes about pay-parity with the ear-botherers aside, this is also a quite dangerous situation for your hearing.

I’ve always used the squishy, disposable foam earplugs at gigs, but last year I was convinced to pick up a pair of Etymotics ER-20s.

Etymotic ER-20

Not only do they protect the earth from tiny yellow landfill, they protect your hearing, and I’ve found that they seem to make loud gigs sound better.

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