The folks at Miro have a handy tool for fool-proof, dummy-friendly video conversion for mobile devices. Drop nearly any file, and it converts to MP4, OGG Theora, or specific presets for devices from the TMobile G1 to the iPod – and even FLV.

It’s available for Mac and Windows only, not Linux. I imagine that’s because there are already strong choices on Linux, and they’re trying to target the general, less-tech-savvy public.

I still dream of VJing on mobile devices with video outputs (sadly, a lot of these gadgets lack that capability). But regardless, I see this as something I’ll wind up using one way or another.


What dark magic makes this work? Why, the open source FFMPEG video engine. So, advanced users, you can actually copy the Miro conversion settings and adjust them using FFMPEG:
Conversion Matrix

Or check out some conversion recipes for your own use, from here on CDM:
More ffmpeg Recipes for Free Video Conversion on Any Platform


This is actually Miro 2.0, but it’s what the Miro folks have – you get the idea.

In other news, Miro’s excellent video browser has just hit version 3.0. It’s a brilliant vision of what video playback could be like in a truly open world. New in this release:

  • Automatic subtitles
  • Improved performance, from torrent downloading to launch time (and yes, torrent is a terrific way to deliver big files legally)
  • Higher maximum volume level, ideal for listening through internal speakers or other sub-optimal scenarios. (Someone, somewhere just made another tired “goes to eleven” joke. Sigh.)
  • External file playback, so you aren’t limited to the built-in player.

…plus various other improvements. Go grab it:


(again, Linux complaint – 3.0 seems not to be available yet. Come on, guys.)

And let us know if there are good channels to which visualists should subscribe!