Image courtesy KORG, USA.

Looking for all the world like it was inspired by the Gakken SX-150 synth, but packed with Korg analog electronics, the monotron has to be one of the biggest surprise announcements from a major vendor in recent memory. The tiny has the filter from the classic KORG MS-10 and MS-20 and is called a “real analog” synth.

It’s also likely to be very hackable, though we’ll know more about that soon. I think we’ve found the stocking stuffer of 2010, and it’s only March.

Pricing: MSRP US$85
Availability: August 2010
(note: this is official information from KORG USA; for some reason some other dates and prices are floating around)


  • A ribbon controller for vibrato, glide, and pitch
  • Circuitry: one voltage-controlled oscillator, one voltage-controlled filter, one low-frequency oscillator.
  • Controls: five knobs, one switch.
  • LED blinks with the LFO.
  • Same voltage-controlled filter circuitry as on the legendary KORG MS-10 and MS-20 semi-modulars – now, if we could only convince KORG to give us a monotron Pro with more of the MS in it.
  • Runs on two AAA’s
  • External audio input (updated) for filtering any external input – awesome. (Thanks, arne/styrofoammusic!)

Official product info:
Monotron Page @ KORG


Via Engadget, MusicRadar, Gizmodo