Boards Interactive Magazine – Walkthrough from Theo Watson on Vimeo.

Augmented reality has inspired plenty of experiments, magazines included – some successful, some failing to get far beyond the gimmick. What’s nice about this work is that it introduces the concept of motion to the typically-static pages of print, and inspires readers to imagine a world beyond the bounds of the page. There’s also an elegant expression of the theme.

It’s all made with OpenFrameworks (again – yes, OF is one of the easiest ways to hook into augmented reality). And none other than Theo Watson was involved.

For the March 2010 issue of Boards Magazine, Emily Gobeille and I worked with Nexus Productions to develop an interactive cover experience called Rise and Fall. Here is a little preview of the experience.

You can download the software and the cover from:

Update: Found out you can buy a copy of the magzine for $7 by emailing – . You can also download the cover as a pdf from the link above.

The project uses the Ferns library for tracking ( ) and the whole project is open source released under the GPL v2.0 . Grab the source code here:


Digital Directors:
Emily Gobeille –
Theo Watson –

Produced by:
Nexus Productions –

Sound Design:
MOST Original Soundtracks –

Made with openFrameworks –
Using the Ferns library for tracking –

Thanks to @wetterberg via Twitter for sending this our way.