SunVox, the quirky and cool modular music creation software, already runs on a ton of platforms. Starting now, most of those platforms can run the tool for free. (The one exception: iPhone/iPad.)

That means you get a rich music creation environment that can run on everything from an ancient PDA to a desktop computer, complete with FM, virtual analog, and sample-based synths, effects, modular routing, musical arrangement, and even tracker-level detailed editing, all for free. SunVox works on Mac, Windows, and Linux, plus mobile platforms Palm, Windows Mobile, and iPhone. In fact, it’s an ideal choice to resurrect one of the now-nearly-worthless yet still-very-powerful used PDA devices. Seriously: hit auction and used sites or ask someone for a device, or perhaps search your own closet, and you have an extra music-making device that costs you nothing. (I’ve heard some arguments about the iPad and value, and ditto $300 or $400 netbooks, but I’d like to see the iPad or new netbook compete with $20 or free.)


That said, if you do own an iPhone or iPod touch, SunVox is a no-brainer at US$4.99.

And developer Alex Zolotov tells CDM he’s submitting an iPad version of SunVox for Apple’s new platform, as well, plus working on new features. Stay tuned.