It’s almost impossible to come upon an electronic musical colleague – indeed, regardless of their personal genre – without some lament of the state of dance music. But electronic sound has long depended on the connections between experimental and dance, all the vibrations that can move people.

Don’t complain – do something. Reaching across national borders, some people are doing something to make dance music better.

Biatch Corp makes its connection between Colombia and New York, and for the last three years has put together a label and a successful series of parties. Whatever your stylistic tendencies, there’s something to learn from their international strategy, one born in Colombia that uses New York as its cultural broadcast center. Alvaro Bueno tells CDM:

We basically liked the idea of being facilitators (first as party promoters, now as a label) of good dancefloor music and some of the artists we are been sharing in this healthy ecosystem of Techno that is being formed, artists like fong+Julio own the Sheik n’ Beik series of parties, Vadim is the head of Less, Deepak & Dieter are the bosses of Hidden Recordings, Thomas Hildebrand is part of Brooklyn-backyard parties called Backseat-buzz. We like collaboration and how synergy keeps scene healthy.

Another artists we have in past and current releases are vets like South african Brendon Moeller, Hamburg’s Ascii.Disko, Jussi-Pekka hailing from Finland and Perc, who lives in London. Bleepolar, Nicolas Ovalle, Karraskilla and Me (Pito) are the South-American quota of the label, probably is there that resides the path for a more flavorful music in techno, a more organic one. Nico is from Uruguay and we Colombians.

Now celebrating three years in action, Biatch Corp has a new compilation out entitled “Auditoria” coming out on Saturday. Karraskilla, Ascii.Disko, and Peter Corvaia, all of whom have done releases with them in the past, are included, but so are various other friends and locals. Thomas Hildebrand from LA is a highlight for me among others, as his work with found sound and field recordings adds other textures to his work.

This weekend, I’m in Boulder, Colorado for Communikey, but the Biatch Corp is doing a party back here in New York. And wherever you are, there’s the release, plus a free live mix by Karraskilla.

Karraskilla Auditoria Set by KARRASKILLA

Direct download link [SoundCloud]

More information:
Auditoria Release Page [Music + Party; warning – audio auto-plays]