KORG Japan has been embracing mobile platforms even as other traditional music manufacturers do not. First, it was the KORG DS-10, which brought a unique interface for sequencing and synthesis to the Nintendo DS. Now, they have an iPad app, available now on the iTunes Music Store.

The iELECTRIBE has a hardware interface, emulated in software, and preset management via a standard iPad-style menu. (It looks like the ESX1 panel layout, but hard-core KORG users can probably tell me more.)

The Japanese-language site reveals other features:

  • Oscillator section, with pitch, mod adjustments, selectable oscillator shape (sine/tri/square/saw), mod shape
  • Selectable preset patterns
  • Motion sequencing
  • Effects section with grain shift, beat-synced and “short” delays, chorus/flanger, filter, “talking” mod, reverb, decimator.
  • Sequence section with step sequencer for controlling parts, effects, just as on the real thing.

More info [Japanese only – translated tidbits welcome]

iPad only.

I had an art history teacher in high school who’s favorite phrase was, “What do you see?” I want to know: what do readers think? Is there an advantage to having hardware on-demand on a mobile device? Or would you rather hit your local music store (or eBay) for actual KORG hardware, with tactile knobs and proper audio outputs?

Note: I will not be running headlines on all new iPad apps. I … and you, I suspect … would lose my mind. Instead, for now, I’ll continue updating the round-up from earlier this week. And if your app gets left out and you did send it to me … please, no hard feelings. We’ll try to sort the best stuff out over the coming weeks. I have no special Apple chip in my head, only my brain.

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