What’s New in Resolume 3.2 from Resolume on Vimeo.

Resolume 3.2 is now out in the wild; this all-in-one audiovisual performance app for Mac and Windows continues to improve. (The most recent convert I know: Flying Lotus, better known for his music than his visuals, is having a blast.)

The big news in 3.2 on the Mac side is Quartz Composer playback. But on both Mac and Windows, there’s plenty to like:

  • DVC Codec 2.0 brings alpha support to Resolume’s performance-optimized video format.
  • Better visual quality: render image quality is improved, premultiplied alpha, and the option of “Nearest Neighbor” scaling for pixel-y scaling.
  • Better shortcuts: map MIDI/keyboard separately for each layer’s speed, and quick output shortcuts (yes, that’s important – quick, output to the projector!).
  • New effects: wave warp, fisheye, edge detection, cube mixer.
  • Lots of fixes, most notably fixed feedback on PC and the ability to “unregister” your app so you can reinstall your OS or move computers.

On the Mac, Quartz Composer really is the banner feature, allowing you to mix generative visual content and manipulate patches live, all created with Apple’s excellent visual developer tool. That’s best seen in the video above.

That adds to existing live options with Flash on both Mac and Windows.

I’m going to take that as extra motivation, though, to see what can be done with the FreeFrameGL development stuff – not this week, as I’ve got a gig Saturday and can’t really build something new from scratch! But soon. I still like the idea of working with code directly, and having something portable to any platform.

Full details on the upgrade with other improvements:
Resolume Avenue 3.2 Released!