More Browser Fun: A MIDI-to-YouTube Converter, Sequencer

Youtube MIDI interface from Gijs on Vimeo. Among Gijs Gieskes many mad creations, this artist has hacked the browser as well as hardware. (“Browser bending,” anyone?) With all the talk of browsers, he reminds us of this previous work, which combines hardware, server software, and browser software to make a MIDI sequencer for YouTube. […]

Real Sound Synthesis, Now in the Browser; Possible New Standard?

Bloop HTML5 Instrument inspired by Brian Eno’s Bloom from Bocoup on Vimeo. HTML5 and Javascript Synthesizer from Corban Brook on Vimeo. Pioneers like Max Mathews’ Bell Labs team taught the computer to hum, sing, and speak, before even the development of primitive graphical user interfaces. So it’s fitting that the standards that chart the Web’s […]

- May 3, 2010

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