Monument to Waiting, in an iPad-Controlled Wait Cursor Sculpture

Wait for it… It’s a sculptural monument to waiting and the wait cursor, controlled by an iPad. This doesn’t count as the first iPad-controlled art, as I was part of a show last month on that theme; documentation of that soon. But is a fascinating homage to an iconic image of our age, and time […]

FL Studio Superguide: 9 Review, New 9.1 Freebies, and How to Get Started

Fruity loops. Photograph (CC-BY) Sherman Tan. Like well-stocked studios of hardware, software has become personal, idiosyncratic, and stuffed with functionality. Computer producers are passionate as always about what works. And that has made FL Studio a kind of subculture all its own. Image-Line has a unique way of encouraging loyalty: while the company still peddles […]

- May 6, 2010

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