Syncing Multiple Small Screens: iPhone, and Now Blinkendroid for Android

One phone is … well, one phone. But now that many of us have smartphones, crowd-sourcing technology has far greater potential. A screen of a few inches, multiplied many times, can fill enormous spaces. And because the gadgets contain sensors and connectivity, they can respond more intelligently to proximity. A big hit of DroidCon here […]

Berlin Meet-up Tonight with SoundCloud, Web Sharing API, and a Wonderful Laptop Artist

Photo (CC) Till Krech. Forgive some seemingly train-of-thought connections between topics, but today is what I’d call a Nexus of Goodness while I’m traveling through Berlin. 1. Meetup tonight, starting at 7p. Tonight, if you’re in the Berlin area, we’re doing a little, informal meetup to get to know each other and talk Web tools […]

- May 27, 2010

Browser Madness: 3D Music Mountainscapes, Web-Based Pd Patching

“The hills are alive / with the sound of browsers” Ever thought you’d make sounds in a browser, or have new ways of visualizing music playback? It’s happening, with builds of Firefox anyone can download. Work to make browsers rich with sound synthesis and visualization continues. “Compatibility” isn’t really an advantage yet, because Firefox is […]

- May 27, 2010

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