We know you’re out there: somehow, you haven’t heard the gospel of the Theremin, the first great electronic instrument of the 20th Century. Our friend Yaniv Fituci, associate producer for G4 TV, takes on the topic and some condenses it into the space of about three minutes, through the magic of lots of jump cuts. (It’s called MTV-style-editing, and I hear these kids love this MTV thing. It’ll be huge!)

It’s actually a pretty darned good explanation, and features the innards of a Moog Theremin kit getting replaced with an Altoids tin. The choice of the Moog kit, while pricey, is spot on: I’ve seen some disastrous and frustrating results with some of the other kits out there, not to mention the Moog model looks and feels utterly gorgeous when it’s done. Bonus points for celebrity cameos by our boys Bre Pettis and (Handmade Music co-organizer) Collin Cunningham.

If you’ve been looking for a three-minute video you can use to help explain to the uninitiated what a Theremin is and how it works, it’s worth a try. Comments welcome.

It’s #&*%ing Science! The Science Behind Theremins