Photo (CC) Till Krech.

Forgive some seemingly train-of-thought connections between topics, but today is what I’d call a Nexus of Goodness while I’m traveling through Berlin.

1. Meetup tonight, starting at 7p. Tonight, if you’re in the Berlin area, we’re doing a little, informal meetup to get to know each other and talk Web tools for music and musical goodness in general. Come, say hi to me and other CDM readers and the SoundCloud developer and user communities, and hear some great music. (See #3) Rooftop plans are off given the chance of rain, but in the safety of a good bar, we’re set.

Short notice, but an utterly informal event for our friends. Meet at —
systM / gallery bar | torstrasse 68 | 10119 Berlin [map]
— at 7 pm. Event details; the series sounds great to me, with some ideas we need to import to New York.

2. Web APIs. Whether you’re in Berlin or not, you might want to check out some slides from Henrik Lenberg. Presenting (as I was) to the Barcamp portion of Berlin’s Droidcon, Henrik illustrated why music apps are so important, what the SoundCloud API can provide to those interested in building new music sharing powers into their sites and software, and what this means for the Android platform (and others, as well). Slides are below; there’s something oddly zen-like and enjoyable to me about looking through slides minus the actual presentation, but I think they’ll make sense to you, too.

For more on these tools:

Let me know if you have an idea for how they could be used on CDM. And for still more Web musical API goodness, great things happening at:; more on that soon.

3. Wonderful music. “japanese musician, composer, sound artist and producer Midori Hirano” is playing the event tonight. The space sounds lovely, and I’m excited to hear the music live – sample of this below. Well worth checking her out, whichever part of the world you call home. I’ll report back. Event details:


feathers from nh on Vimeo.

We’re lucky to live in a world with lots of digital musical goodness in it; it’s always nice to get out from behind my desk to explore it.