Steve Jobs’ (or Apple’s, or some new Fake Steve Jobs who now uses Steve’s IP and email) responds to VP-8 with nothing other than a URL. So I guess I’ll do the same:

And yes, back to our regularly scheduled Create Digital Motion programming. We’ll rejoin the ongoing saga of HTML5’s video tag later. I expect this will be the rare occasion where Apple points to the open source video development community for evidence. Of course, Jobs/Apple/The Shadow/Deep Throat here may be right — now. It’s just that right now isn’t the end of the story. If Apple doesn’t specifically go to war with VP-8 as they did with Flash, it’s a good thing; there would be a chance for Google and encoder developers to iron out some of the WebM kinks, prove the technology, and gradually help the open format win over H.264 in the long run. And any fear that Apple and Microsoft would somehow force H.264 into becoming the standard, causing Firefox to cease working with YouTube or something, is obviously not what’s happening. So rest easy – unless you’re the CEO of Apple, in which case, stay up a few hours more and tap out random emails on your iPad, I guess.