Whether iPhone, Android, pico projector, or whatever, we’re living in a world that’s increasingly filled with displays. Much of the focus in the visualist world has been on big — huge buildings, huge grain silos, massive projections screens, and the like. But there’s good stuff to be had in the opposite direction.

Now, full disclosure: normally when I see a video in my inbox using lots of iPhones as a gimmick, I shudder. But a video directed by Shushu Spanier for the Israeli rock band IZABO effuses charm, and the use of screens to manipulate scale is playful and inventive. It’s a reminder of some of the ways in which size matters.

I talked to keyboardist Shiri Hadar who sent this work our way. She writes:

We actually pre-shot the whole vids & pics and then uploaded them to the iPhone and played them with the phones’ video player or picture gallery (so the parts with the swiping was actually the navigation between pic to pic).
We also attached a countdown before each video so it will be easy to synchronize each shot.
This was an exception in two shots which where to complex so we and needed to shoot them with green screen inside the iPhones and then add the missing video in the editing room in the post production phase.

For more, see the making of video below. And of course, it doesn’t hurt that the music is addictively catchy. That means I have to find an excuse to show the other video from them — let’s just say that, even as digital visualists, never overlook the display power of flip chart technology.

Director: Shushu E. Spanier
Art Director: Shirley Eva Bahar
Photographer: Ofir Kedmi
Offline editor: Ornit Levy
Online editor: Roy Shalev
Production house: Gravity-Rhino (Yoram Altman, Roni Kleiner, Yevgeny Romanovski, Inbal Voitiz, Lara Rozen, Liora Tamir)
Production manager: Reut Sapir
Sound Studios: SoundHouse (Yoav Sarig, Eran Barkani, Kenny Danevich)
Belly Dance: Yaelayla
Props: Yael Shnberger & Mishmish
Consulting: Maayan Goldman
Makeup: Noga Tamir & Moran Stavizki
Still photographer: Hertzel Hadar

Get the song @:

catch IZABO on:

Now, the bonus vid. Warning: may inspire a desire for shawarma. (Yes, for all the conflict in the region, the Middle East is united by many cultural common elements, some of them delicious.)