The Books' Demented, Fantastic Audiovisual Cut-up

the Books – A Cold Freezin’ Night from Paul de Jong / Nick Zammuto on Vimeo. The Books do sound sampling cut-up like no one else, so visuals sliced up via the same mad genius come as little surprise. Heavily indebted to the work of pioneers like Emergency Broadcast Network, their videos still have the […]

Teasers: Debauched Fantasy Universe of Champagne Valentine

Champagne Valentine/ Black Material Video from Champagne Valentine on Vimeo. Amsterdam-based Champagne Valentine is Geoff Lillemon ( and Anita Fontaine (, injecting fantastic otherworldly insanity into your audiovisual everyday. I’m lucky enough to have learned about their work through hyper-talented cross-media artist Sougwen, who worked with them while holing up in Amsterdam earlier this year. […]

Peter Kirn - July 2, 2010

Free Weekend: Creative Commons Workout, Moby, Samples, Inspiration, More

Yeah, for a lot of the northern hemisphere, one of these kinds of weekends. Photo (CC-BY) Frenchman Julien Haler. (Oh yeah, we really don’t say it enough – thanks, France! In fact, jeez, double thanks!) Summer days and evenings for a lot of us are a perfect time for buying new records, listening to new […]

- July 2, 2010

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