CoGe 1.0 – Tutorial 2 – Using the preview window to forward key/mouse events from luma beamerz on Vimeo.

CoGe, the semi-modular, Quartz Composer-powered, free visualist tool for Mac has gotten a significant new beta build. Added in this version:

  • MSAA anti-aliasing for rendering (very nice).
  • OpenSoundControl support (OSC is natively supported in QC, but now you can use it with CoGe).
  • OSC bpm sync! (actually, we need to have a standard for how to implement this across a variety of music and visual tools with OSC – thoughts?)
  • Improved speed.

There are also improvements to UI color customization, experimental movie recording, custom control modules, and, perhaps more important than any shiny new feature, enhanced stability and performance. There’s a MIDI fix due today, so stay glued to the site there.

All in all, this app is maturing nicely. Read about the new stuff:
CoGe Beta 3 released!
And, in more detail, the features as described in-progress last month:
CoGe Beta 3 development state

We followed the first-step workflow tutorial when I looked at CoGe in the spring; here in this post are additional tutorials to try out once you’ve worked through that, starting with beginner tutorial 2 at top, and continuing with goodies like stop motion

CoGe 1.0 – Tutorial 3 – Stop Motion in 2 ways from luma beamerz on Vimeo.

CoGe 1.0 – Tutorial 4 – Developing a new Player module from luma beamerz on Vimeo.

CoGe 1.0 – Tutorial 5 – Using Media Presets and then, create grunge things 🙂 from luma beamerz on Vimeo.