Moving over the face of the Earth Timelapse from Laww Media on Vimeo.

Greetings, planet Earth.

Remember when exquisite timelapse photography was the exclusive domain of expensive cameras, bottled up and sold by the likes of the BBC Motion Graphics library?

Now a Canon SLR camera well within the reach of mortals is more than enough. Filmmakers Laww Media of Wollongong Australia, makers of quite a bit of nice footage, took the footage above with a Canon 7D and a remote.

What’s your preferred timelapse rig? And I’m especially curious, what sorts of software timelapse do you use?

By the way, if you want to live the SLR capture lifestyle, Vimeo has you covered, complete with educational videos like the one below. I’ll say it again – yes, it’s fun having new cameras in mobiles like the iPhone and newer Android devices, and yes, they keep getting better. But if you can add a couple of pounds to your rig when you walk out the door, the actual cameras have become a nice way to capture video. (And yes, video cameras still have their appeal, too.)

DSLR Show – Color Space from Conscious Minds Productions on Vimeo.