Japanese fusion “underground music unit” Human Boot Project have a clever take on the music video, one that – well, let’s face it, probably appeals only to music production nerds like us.

Using the free/open source software Gawker (Mac-only screen capture, not to be confused with thegossip blog), they take an extended timelapse of their production session in Apple Logic, as arrangements and various plug-ins flash by. You get to see the track, “Xen,” assembled before your eyes.

I’ll let you play “spot the plug-in” first, then have a look after the jump for what they used.

Artist Masashi tells CDM the toolkit:

Native Instruments Battery 3
RNDigital Inspector XL
Audio Damage DubStation
Smart Electronix LiveCut
Logic Plugin (Amp Designer, Space Designer, EXS24, ES2, etc.)

Human Boot Project have a new album “Don’t Forget the Sheep”.
The album will be available at most major online stores.
here is link of album sample.


Human Boot Project New Album “Don’t Forget the Sheep”
1. Super Bathroom (4:17)
2. Yuri (3:36)
3. Dying Forest (4:09)
4. Xan (3:18)
5. Ember (4:03)
6. Sneaking Sheep (3:52)
7. Dawn (3:01)
8. Decoy (3:31)
9. Flatline (3:25)
10. U (2:42)

Human Boot Project
Red Robot Records

?Human Boot Project?
HumanBootProject are a Japanese underground music unit.This is a genre breaker fusing Jazz with Rock and Drum and Bass and one to get the synapses twinging. (Red Robot Records)

Fun fact: this is what Richard Devine looks like in real time. Honest. Or me, if I get enough coffee.