Image courtesy Liine.

We got a first look at Griid, a dedicated Ableton Live clip launcher for the iOS platform, late last month. It’s now available in the iTunes App Store, along with pricing.

Not previously announced, there’s a version for iOS handhelds (iPod touch and iPhone). A free version lets you see how you like the arrangement, and the developers actually recommend you test the free version before purchasing one of the paid releases. (The free version limits you to four tracks and six scenes.) If you’re ready to upgrade on your iPhone or iPod, the version for those devices is US$5.99.

The iPad version remains the most compelling, displaying colored rectangles across the iPad’s larger screen – and it makes you look less like you’re texting while you’re playing in Live. But it also commands a premium, at US$24.99. At that price, I wonder if a few users won’t complain that other features (mixing, Device parameter control) are missing. $25 is less than the cost of most iPad cases, let alone something you use every day, but the question to me is which price point competitors chase.

The iPad and iPhone/iPod version differ in the number of clips visible at once, but both otherwise support unlimited scenes and tracks.

Curiously, right now the app supports only Mac, but the developers say Windows support is coming very soon.

More details and iTunes link:

In the interests of journalistic balance and being able to evaluate these apps, I’ll have to work on funding an iPad for myself, alongside my Mac, Windows, Ubuntu Linux, iPod touch, and Android setup here. I could maybe go busking with my iPod and nanoloop?