Resolume 2 & 3 at Dissonanze, Rome

Resolume “Avenue,” the audiovisual and VJ performance app, has reached the 3.3 milestone. Those of you registered users on the mailing list know all about this, of course, but here’s a look at the forward progress of this software for Mac and Windows.

  • DMX input: If it sends DMX, you can use it to control Resolume. That means you can control Resolume audio and visuals from a lighting desk, show control software, whatever. It’s not a free addition – a trial version is included free, but to remove watermarking from Resolume when controlled by DMX, an additional EUR199 license is required.
  • DMX Auto Map, Composition Map: By default, Resolume is automatically mapped to DMX, or assign your own channels using the Composition DMX map. (That should make setup a breeze.)
  • Faster DXV video renders. Resolume’s use of its DXV codec is a big plus; DXV is performance optimized for the sorts of things you do in live visuals. The problem was actually getting your video into that format. Resolume now reports render times are improved by up to 20 times, in line with Photo JPEG render times. That finally makes DXV appealing.
  • MIDI mapping enhancements: Assign app-wide MIDI mapping to effects, then load or unload effects and the mappings stick. (About time – this is how things worked with Resolume 2, and 3 was a bit of a step backward in this regard.) You can also use a MIDI controller to set parameters back to defaults. (Read: lifesaver.)
  • RGB Blend Fade color channels independently – nice.
  • Other enhancements: Camera capture is improved on the Mac (via 10.5 API support), you can preview master audio, there’s a “Show in Explorer/Finder” option when you lose your files, and various bug fixes.

Go grab the update, or check out Resolume if you haven’t recently.
Resolume Avenue 3.3 Released [Resolume Blog]

Image courtesy Resolume, showing the evolution of this app, as Resolume 2 and 3 sit side by side. Rig by Dissonanze festival in Rome, Italy by the Pixel Addicts & InsideUsAll.