It’s a week of mobile geekery and music as I travel to Stockholm. I’m speaking at the Android Only developer conference; I’m excited that there’s discussion not only of Android development per se, but also networking, the open-source CouchDB database (which itself has some promise for music projects), cross-platform development in JavaScript and dynamic languages, audio development, 2D acceleration, and more. Fans of Pd and/or RjDj also have plenty to anticipate; the creators of this interactive music tool for mobiles have been hard at work, and there’s good stuff happening on both Android and iOS. I’m looking forward to meeting RjDj’s Martin Roth for the first time face-to-face.

And we’re having a music party, as well. Martin Roth and I will be making noises with Android; I hope to show in a couple of minutes why taking Pd mobile could be a powerful option for musicians. Also in the lineup, some fantastic Swedish artists: Anders Ilar (Pinesky), Pavan, (Flogsta Dancehall), and my own favorite, Håkan Lidbo (Container/P2 Ström). Flyer below. For those of you music hardware and software developers in Stockholm – you know who you are – hope you can make it out. (See also: Facebook.) It’s open to all, not just Android Only conference attendees.

Since the vast majority of you aren’t in Stockholm, I’ll try to bring as much of this to you as I can on Music and Motion by next week.