amoeba v kazantip_Z17/Z18_thee darkside from amoeba on Vimeo.

Ukraine knows how to rave – really. kaZantip is an extraordinary techno party in Eastern Europe, and the talented amoeba design — aka Scottish-born artist Hagbard Celine — was there to show off his stuff. You can check out the reel above; more info below, including their remix competition. They’re working with vvvv and Resolume Avenue together for a powerful visual performance duo, and doing some lovely mapping onto large letters in stacked squares.

I’ll try to talk to them (if you’re readers, hiya), so let us know if you have questions. I’m curious to hear more about this kind of creation – it’s nice to have both the open-ended modular environment and the get-the-job-done visual performance environment together.

kazantip Ukraine [Z17/Z18] on screen visual emissions

_ministers of visual information
inVISIBLErain [eps+antokhio]

_artists for the people
amoeba/devonmiles/digital slaves/pixelroyal/mr vux/

fellow lightrhythmvisuals content [flux/sheppee/tom wall]

audio_original andrei oid restrukture ov a.av
this remix is amoeba shredding andrei oid remixing a.av taken from an audio remix of an amoeba.av video track from the aple.ep DVD of amoeba visualmusic out on



amoeba_av remix competition with 7 free HD loops​channels/​aav

I imagine Hagbard Celine may have recalled the now-ironically ironic lyrics of The Beatles. (“Well Ukraine girls really knock me out / They leave the West behind…”)

California — sorry. Ukraine wins. Us Americans put on really sorry parties, by comparison.