Kinect Hacking Gets Sophisticated: Skeletons, Open Source Game, Objects, More

Kinect Skeleton Test from CADET on Vimeo. Kinect hacking, worldwide, continues unabated, taking the tool from proof-of-concept depth tests to something that could actually prove the basis of real media. The killer app, it seems, will be interactive art, as Kinect’s ability to interact with someone in space is ideal for the kinds of interactions […]

Make Your Own Video Hardware: Propeller Platform Does Video Out, Games, Advanced Audio

X Racer from Gadget Gangster on Vimeo. The Propeller Platform is open-source hardware with a mighty 8-core Parallax Propeller chip as its brain. Like the Arduino, it comes as a simple protoboard. But unlike the Arduino, the Propeller board is loaded with I/O pins and can output video and audio without much modification. It also […]

Peter Kirn - November 29, 2010

Chronome: A monome-inspired Grid, with Color and Pressure Senstivity

Chronome Prototype from FlipMu on Vimeo. The monome is defined as much by what it isn’t as what it is: it’s monochromatic, it uses only on/off binary buttons, and that’s part of its beauty. But what if it weren’t that? What if a monome could do color, and velocity sensitivity? As both engineering problem and […]

- November 29, 2010

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