lights.bac.mapping from Jerome Monnot on Vimeo.

The Mapping Festival is an event dedicated to being a “laboratory for the VJing discipline,” a visualist extravaganza of light and performance. Founded by the creators of Mac VJ app Modul8 and Zoo/Usine, the Fest has just released a couple of videos of this year’s installment, held earlier this year in Geneva, Switzerland.

The video at top covers the whole lineup, with perhaps surprisingly minimal, element visuals that hone in on human visual responses on the atomic level (quite literally in the case of “Particle”). Perhaps most intriguing is Matthias Oostrik’s “Mirror of Broken Time”; through the reflections of a shattered mirror, he finds audience members strangely compelled to gaze at their own image as they watch the piece. Particles, dust, and geometric reductionism otherwise feature heavily.

D-Fuse / Raphael Diluzio / Alex Posada / Herman Kolgen / Granular Synthesis / Matthias Oostrik / Solo-Matine & Delko.

We’ve seen Alex Posada’s work before, but there’s a terrific new interview from this year’s festival as he talks about his entrancing, pulsing particle of light. He says he conceives this work as a kind of musical score, rendered in light.

Interview at Mapping Festival 2010 from Alex Posada on Vimeo.

More on Mapping Fest, including the 2011 call for works (deadline: November 20):

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