Sunday night in Manhattan, the MeeBlip makes its public debut. If you want to check one out in person, ask any questions, etc., come check it out. (I’ll also have my battery-powered rig: one Vox amp on batteries, one MintyBoost battery pack for MeeBlip, one Rock Band 3 keytar.) And that’s just the beginning – we’ve got a huge lineup of stuff for this week’s Handmade Music.

Sunday, November 14th
PARTY + MUSIC: 7p – 10pm

Culturefix, LES (Map)

Handmade Music is part party, part science fair. Come meet people who make things that make music.

This month:
A duo of classical guitarists who play video games with their instruments
A project that sequences beats as you play a game of checkers
Chip music on Game Boy
Surf rock meets speed metal on glockenspiel, Casio, drums, bass
PLUS MeeBlip, the hackable digital synth

Come at 4:30 pm for a hands-on Q+A with artists. See game controllers used for music, and meet the MeeBlip synthesizer in its first public appearance. Bring questions; newcomers welcome!
Stay for 7:00 pm as artists perform and demo their work.

Enjoy drinks and the tasty tapas for purchase all night long from Culturefix’s awesome bar – the stuff that has NYC press raving – and shop their electronics boutique.

ARTISTS+PROJECTS: Exile Faker, Josh Silverman, Mano Fico, Modal Kombat, Peter Kirn, and surprises

I’m especially excited to watch classical guitarists playing video games – Modal Kombat had to cancel at the last minute for our August installment, but they’re now really, truly on for this one. | NYC event

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