El Criollo – Interactive Installation from Hotpixel on Vimeo.

Interactive technology is often celebrated for its ability to make visitors and onlookers into participants. Here, in a show in Mexico, that involvement is literal, as custom software weaves the words and faces of museum visitors into a portrait of the Mexican nation today.

From the creators:

The installation updates portraits, voice messages and drawings from the visitors a large projected map in a room updates the information in real time, this room reflects a modern identity of Mexico based on the collection of ideas from the people.

This installation was build with Openframeworks openframeworks.cc/‚Äč

The project is the work of a design shop in Mexico City called Hotpixel:

Hotpixel is a digital agency based in Mexico City, that fuses art, design and technology to develop new ways of interaction. We create custom software and hardware for multitouch systems, computer vision and live generative graphics.


(Love Mexico’s TLD!)

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