Tim Exile, laptop virtuoso, vocalist, and Reaktor software creator, has apparently taken a liking to the recording features SoundCloud is touting. He’s got a novel idea: you record samples into SoundCloud, he takes your samples and incorporates them into his set. It takes someone like Tim to pull that off; it should be a good set. If you have a day job, this one will be a bit tricky – the interactive online show is at 7pm today, Thursday, GMT (aka CUT) time; that’s evening for all of Europe but 2pm New York and 11am in Los Angeles, etc.

Do let us know how it goes (thanks for the tip, “wantless”!):

I’ll be taking sounds that you record and share with me in realtime using Soundcloud’s new capture & share feature. Just capture your sound, whatever it is, and share it with exile@timexile.com and I’ll weave it into the track live. Watch the preview vid above to get a peak…


I’m curious to hear thoughts about how this recording feature could work. Keep in mind, what SoundCloud is doing is just taking a recording from a browser (in Flash) or mobile app (currently iOS) and uploading the file; it’s not really a cloud-specific recording. That means the idea could be ported to other service, or other clients for use with SoundCloud. Could this be useful for your music? What else would you want to see such features do?

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