CPU (Central Processing Unit) – 2min edit vs2 from 1n0ut on Vimeo.

The use of illusion to create onstage ghosts (Pepper’s Ghost) dates back to the 19th Century; optical effects and dramatic trickery far further. So, naturally, new digital techniques are sure to provide ammunition for creative theatrical staging, as in this work, “CPU.”

In a performance derived from Kafka’s “The Trial,” stereoscopic techniques heighten the baroque-style illusion. What’s appealing to me about this project is that projected materials literally leap out of the background into the viewer’s foreground. Projection is nothing if not more immersive in its role in the theatrical experience. Thanks to Robert Praxmarer for sending in his work. He tells us, “Actors talk to their recorded past holographs, they are cloned and
displaced in space and time… crossover multimedia theater, and more than projecting backgrounds, multimedia as real story element and play partner on stage…”

From the description:

A stereoscopic Realtime Performance based on Kafka´s “The Trial”
by 1n0ut (Robert Praxmarer, Reinhold Bidner)

Winner of the Media Art Award Salzburg

In Franz Kafka’s THE TRIAL, 1n0ut found a world full of loops, repeats, instructions and protocols which are familiar parts of every computer programme. This classic text becomes the springboard for a stereoscopic real-time dance theatre piece. The images of the performers are gathered digitally, manipulated and remixed live to plunge an audience each wearing 3D cinema glasses headlong into a thrilling and disturbing illusory world. What steers mankind, what goes, what is lie, what is the logic of the absurd and what the illogicality of reality?

A remarkable adventure, which discovers new forms of expression to question the nature of reality and personal identity.

Artistic Direction
1n0ut (Robert Praxmarer, Reinhold Bidner)

Dance – Acting – Choreography:
Michael Kuttnig (Josef K.)
Ulrike Hager
Kathrin Wankelmuth
Nanina Kotlowski

Doku Cam: Ramsy Gsenger (Ars Electronica Futurelab)