Out there on the wild frontier of Teh Internetz, you’ll find a seemingly-endless supply of tips and tutorials and videos. But the quality is, charitably, variable. The fine folks at Vimeo last month opened a “Vimeo Video School” to share techniques, and – appropriate to the higher level of quality control we see from the Vimeo user community – this is a set of tutorials for people who care.

In addition to expected 101-level info on things like iMovie and uploading, you’ll find some fairly sophisticated stuff. Each tutorial comes with commentary and a selection of the most helpful footage samples and tutorial videos from Vimeo’s most savvy users. There’s a noticeable emphasis on shooting with DSLRs, and for my money that remains the best bang-for-your-buck solution at the moment for capturing great footage.

You can find the full set here:

– but I’ve also selected a few of my favorites.

At top:
Painting with Light

DIY Follow Focus

Timelapse with a DSLR


Slow Motion on a Budget

Found favorite tutorials on Vimeo – or any other site – that you found useful? Shot a tutorial yourself? Do let us know! Knowledge is power – and in the age of the Internet, giving away that power can reward you with more than just good karma.