Benjamin Rabe, iOS touch artist and avowed fingerpainter, makes a simple but very cute experiment using touch apps. I like this, not so much for the novelty of doing this on iPhones and things, as for the potential it demonstrates in fun, little touch apps as artistic tools. Now I’ll really be pleased when you can piece together quick video editing on mobile devices and tablets and not just hefty desktops after extended waits as everything transcodes.

Most impressive – this was all done at the end of a talk. Consider the gauntlet thrown.


Made as a fun closing to our “Artist in Transit” talk at RaumschiffErde.

Done with the following tools:

– Characters drawn in Brushes/[Autodesk] SketchbookMobile on the iPhone
– Animated using Photospeak (Yes, we know, Lip synchro sucks in this version)
– Sound recorded using Nanostudio on the iPhone
– Robot Speak done with Android FX
– End mash done with “Drowning Street” on RJDJ
– Sequenced in Ableton Live (just added a bit of reverb on a few channels and a dash of compression, otherwise unaltered)
– Video created using handmade scripts which call ffmpeg and imagemagick to splice images together (Done in a hurry, that’s why it sucks so much)
– Video bits thrown together and synced to sound using iMovie.

I’m hopeful we see more of those editing tools elsewhere, too – hmmm, like running ffmpeg and imagemagick on Android, which shouldn’t be too hard.

Check out Benjamin’s excellent blog on this stuff: