On Create Digital Music today, I note the availability of Warp’s 1991-2002 collection of Autechre EPs. With prices at US$30-50, every single version – even the MP3-only download of the set – also comes with music videos. That elevated the release to must-buy for Motion readers, too, because it includes three landmarks of music video history, including Alexander Rutterford’s often-copied, never-equaled magic for Gantz_Graf:

Second Bad Vilbel (Chris Cunningham)
Gantz_Graf (Alexander Rutterford)
Basscadet (Jess Scott Hunter)

These videos are meant to be enjoyed in their original version. But, hey, if you’re going to screw up the fidelity, you’d better really screw up the fidelity. And so it is that the versions I happened to find on YouTube are beautiful in their own way, retaining the compositional and visual elements of the original but wildly distorted as people point cameras at their TV screen. Proceed to rip off that effect in your own music video (it’s very flattering if your CGI isn’t as good as these videos, too).

Then, for the original, non-degraded version:
Autechre Box Set Release at Bleep