In a more connected world, we begin to understand more profoundly the life we share on a planet that is both fragile and potentially destructive. I remember the sobering feeling of listening to radio reports from Haiti during NAMM last year. There are countless calls for support for Japan, and I hope that, as in any disaster, people do learn more about disaster response worldwide, since any one of us can wind up as its recipient. But without covering every single one of those calls for aid, CDM contributor Primus Luta brings one wonderful musical compilation you may want to enjoy for some time to come. -Ed.

A week ago today a 9.0-magnitude earthquake shook northern Japan, leaving much of the area in utter devastation.  For the past week, all eyes have been on the island nation, most prominently due to the affects the quake has had on nuclear reactors in the area.  Only one day before the quake, Laurent Fintoni made his annual trip to the place he calls his spiritual home.  Laurent is the man behind the Rhythm Incursions site, Original Cultures project and a host of other things in and around the world of modern electronic music.  In the immediate aftermath of the quake, he housed up with Rhythm Incursions co-presenters Raid System and started work on a compilation to be released to support the relief efforts.  Today, exactly one week after the quake, that compilation Nihon Kizuna has been released with a stellar lineup of over 40 artists including Kode 9, Kuedo, Rudi Zygadlo, Daisuke Tanabe, Paul White, Mux Mool, Ernest Gonzales, Onra and many more.

You can listen to a short mix of the music included in the compilation below or just go straight to the Nihon Kizuna site and purchase the compilation.

V.A. – Nihon Kizuna (日本絆) by laurentfintoni

Updated: TRUE CHIP TILL DEATH has a chip music compilation going, too. I know there are many others, so feel free to add them in comments.