Projection mapping is everywhere these days – corporate event fad, technical gimmick, and very often in reserved, controlled, abstract geometries. That can be lovely enough, but variety is the spice of media. And that’s why it’s nice to see the above video of real guerilla projection – it’s loud, explosive, sometimes garish and percussive. It’s an optical party.

Guigga writes in comments to share the event they organized. In just three (apparently projector-packed) nights, they took over Rio de Janeiro, Brasil with a cadre of international, artistically-adventurous VJs. (“There are many beautiful people

The video is mostly in Portugese, but there’s plenty to see if you don’t speak the language (and some English-language interviews if you watch it in its entirety).

There’s also lots and lots of Modul8, Mac visual software that works nicely in this kind of setup. (The video and fest includes appearances by developers Ilan Katin and Boris Edelstein).

More on the fest and tons and tons of other best-of-class projection examples:

In fact, I wonder – is it time we stopped calling this “projection mapping” and just started calling it “projection”?

Previously, a story – and lots of discussion – on how to do guerilla mapping:
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