Photography can transform scale, whether in time, space, or a combination of the two. scntfc, the hyper-talented audiovisual artist, sends some eye-explodingly good work our way, prompted by yesterday’s coverage of a two-minute condensation of a trip from San Francisco to Paris.

Before returning to the theme of timelapse time travel and aerospace, let’s look first at what happens when you collapse scale in the spatial dimension via macro photography. Undone is a series of close-up shots, a balletic glimpse of the world viewed closer through a lens. Artist Andy Rohrmann aka scntfc shares it with us.

At top:

An excerpt from the forthcoming film series “Undone”.
Video: scntfc
Music: Burn A Pale Fire (scntfc + Morgan Kuhli) – Pale Fire 5
Canon 5d mkii, 100mm macro, 65mm macro

On the theme of airplane-window timelapse, “Minneapolis to Seattle” from three years ago pieces the airborne-viewed landscape into a patchwork collage. As the creator describes it:

a different take on time lapse photography and photo collage. all photos are taken on a flight from minneapolis to sea-tac, i had completed the basic layout and timelapse a few years ago, and finally polished it up with music, time shifting, and misc effects to give it more character. time shifting is still pretty rough and will be revised, time permitting…maybe in another four years. i have several more in this style, just have to find the time to update those as well.

Here’s another macro video for good measure:

First trailer for the upcoming film series “Undone”.
Music: Burn A Pale Fire (scntfc + Morgan Kuhli)

Canon 5d Mk2, 100mm f/2.8 Macro

Check out more of scntfc’s work – musical and visual – at: