Lit entirely by projector, a new music video by Finland-based artist Aku Meriläinen translates pulses of sound into pools of colored light. I love the personal, handcrafted feel of the result — pretty, but not too slick — and for Mac users, there are freely-licensed goodies you can use to either bliss out to music and visuals or try hacking your own reactive audio. Aku writes:

We made a music video for Berlin based DJ/producers Moston & Mono. The song “Can’t Stop” nods partially to 90’s house music, so we tried
to get the feeling of how things were done in the 90’s to this piece. The trick is that only light we used in the video came from a video
projector. And it wasn’t just any light, but real time audio reactive visuals. We have published the code under Creative Commons license and
we even made an iTunes Visualizer from the elements used in the video.

Video, code, iTunes Visualizer and more info can be found from:

In turn, Quartz Composer is augmented with Kineme´s Gl Tools and Structure Tools, more free and delicious stuff for QC.

Let us know how you do with those tools, or if you have audio-reactive creations of your own you’d like to share.