Fermid, by Behnaz Babazadeh, is a beautiful kinetic sculpture that acts like a breathing organism – or perhaps a colony of parametric creatures.

As the artist describes it:

Fermid is a kinetic sculpture that uses technology and parametric design principles to explore the natural movement that can be found in living organisms.

Special Thanks to Alvaro Soto.

Spring 2011 Major Studio Final | Parsons New School for Design

Via Alex Koblin (also of Moodgadget / ISO50).

It’s simple, in a way, but terrifically elegant – and any mention of this kind of media on this blog is a reminder that visual expression and digital motion, even as performance, need not limit themselves to projection as canvas.

On the wonderful Triangulation blog by Emilio Gomariz, which I just added to my favorites.

That site, in turn, has a great link to a Tumblr blog I believe by the same author:

It’s spring, so I imagine a lot of thesis work is now done – feel free to send it our way. Don’t be shy or modest; that’s why they call me “editor.”