Great video and documentation from comes our way from Eric Medine:

Documentation of generative visuals applications I built using the Processing platform, ported to the Android OS and run on an HTC Evo. Output is 1080×720 over HDMI to a Vizio LCD display.

Although the EVO has an HDMI output for video, the drivers are crippleware– designed to only display media “approved” by Sprint and its affiliates. Luckily, Sam Bero has been developing a custom HDMI kernel to allow mirroring of any kind of output, and I was lucky enough to be on the beta tester team. Thanks Sam!

Here’s a tutorial on how to port Processing sketches to Android and rooting/installing Full HDMI to your EVO:‚Äčtute_mobileProcessing

Fortunately, this won’t be the case with Honeycomb Android tablets running Processing – we’ve heard people with great luck on XOOM and the like. I also hear lots of good luck with iOS, a topic I hope we’ll cover soon. But it’s nice to see a hack make something work on a phone – impressive. Now we need more tiny projectors with HDMI in.

“Fine,” I hear you say. “But what would really make my day is an unrelated Wiimote-controlled video mixer.”

Your wish – granted!