Audiovisual superstars Eclectic Method hop on the apocalypse bandwagon, resulting in a rockin’ audiovisual mix that can get your Judgment Day parties started right.

Although, as I keep having to correct people, this is technically the Rapture that some say will be happening this weekend, not the full blown “end of the world.” That leaves the heathens several months to party on the hellscape like there’s no tomorrow, because, shortly, there won’t be.

Completely off-topic, but The Christian Science Monitor has a detailed look at the arithmetic and numerology behind these dates, in case you’re curious. (Wait a minute: you have to round? I suppose God is an imaginary numbers rather than integers sort of deity, to be fair.)

I like explosions. Lots of explosions. (By rough estimate, I count eight times that my block gets crushed in the video above. Nice.)

I now return you to artier programming on CDM.