Martin Böttger (tsaworks) sends along a beautiful 3D audiovisual concoction, with generated tendrils that drift in and out of light as though they are suspended in fluid, synthetic ribbons of jellyfish tentacles.

I asked Martin to tell us more.

What are the tools we’re seeing here?
Maya / [Adobe] After Effects.

Any particular techniques that went into it?

Maya ncloth, dynamics, cut.

What was the inspiration for the work?
It was an on-the-fly project for one week. First, I started experimenting with Maya cloth. After some tests, I tried to create something simple, with shapes, playing with qubes, Some moments later, I add some more [elements], the ribbons. That construction reminds me of a jellyfish.

I also needed a third part, not too dark or light, more of a kind of a bubble gum.

The reason was I had created a deep and dark atmosphere, like [what you’d see in] space or 3000 miles underwater.

The story: it’s like a fight or a relationship, a dance between soft and hard, glossy and dim, wobbly and firm, normal and destructive.

How did you connect the visuals to the sound; how did you respond to the music?
I was searching for a sound and first I started with a kind of crazy glitchdubstephop, “from monchipet.” [Ed.: Glad that got ditched – nothing against the music, but it really isn’t the right choice for absolutely every visual project! -PK]

But my picture was too deep, too dark, and it needed more room around it. So I was searching in my music library and I found a nice track by ” hecq,” I’ve tried to contact him [to clear rights], but nothing works…
But I don’t stop to work with that sound, because the boom perfectly fits the space there. The reaction of [visuals to the] sound I did afterward, with cut and timing plus some [After Effects] expressions.

Can you show us some other work of yours that may be relevant?

Zero Gravity was a collaboration with abstract one, a musician from Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA.
It’s a kind of music video, for a release of his new album called “∆btronic∆”
i worked 5 months on it. It’s more a kind of modeling of tectonics and hidden effects. The story is simple: it’s a race, inspired by torn.

The second story is, sperm cells race to [reach] the egg cell 😉

More information:

I hope hecq does see this; it looks fantastic, and I know it reminded me to pick up both hecq’s music and Abstract One – credit card, go! I love purchasing music in this age.