If you’re looking to give your ears one last adventure this weekend, I highly recommend the stream of an upcoming full-length from Joshua Kay and Romulo del Castillo, recording as Phoenecia. On Josh’s Schematic label, the work hits the far reaches of electronic sound design, in an always-satisfying, soundtrack-like tapestry of musical exploration. It has the feel of exploring imaginary landscapes, to steal a phrase from Cage. The album comes out June 14; the duo is already taking advantage of Bandcamp’s recently-unveiled preorder purchase system, and you can listen in full on either Bandcamp or (embedded here) SoundCloud.

Hope to talk more later this month as it comes out, so feel free to ask questions or share constructive thoughts.


Recorded by Josh Kay & Romulo Del Castillo
Design by Josh Kay
Mastered by Dietrich Schoeneman
Fernando Subirats sings & plays tabla on Frendano
Dogness contains samples from Kettel’s “My Dogan”

Available for pre-order on bandcamp:

Phoenecia – Demissions by phoenecia