Steph Thirion is back. The talented maker of Eliss, an iOS game that devilishly challenged players and stunned ears and eyes with goodness, Steph now has something new to tease. Faraway is, like Eliss before it, a one-man opus. Gameplay, visuals, and sound are all designed by the artist, making for a uniquely singular aesthetic vision. With procedural content and a narrative involving a comet in a starscape, it looks like yet another in a small but growing vanguard of games that take on the role of part game, part A/V album – slash – experience.

From developer Steph:

I made a video teaser for my upcoming game Faraway.

Cool fact: it was all made in code, it’s an uncut programming sequence. No video editors were used.

– The game will come out this fall on iOS. Specific date and platform are TBA.

Today Indie Fund has announced its support in Faraway. They have written some very kind words.

Finally, the game will be playable this week at PAX. I am sharing a booth with Derek Yu, the painfully talented creator of the brilliant Spelunky. We will also be selling exclusive toys/tshirts we made for the event, so stop by if you’re around. He has made a very cool site to promote the event:

Bonus – here’s an interview with Steph regarding Eliss (and a demo video):