Amidst the many examples of virtuoso finger drumming and pad performance on YouTube, here’s a potentially-inspiring jam produced by artist Teezva for Vestax. We must have missed this video in the NAMM deluge of last year, but it perhaps remains worth posting. It’s doubly so, as I still haven’t seen any of Vestax’s PAD-One hardware in the wild. (PAD-Ones, if you’re reading, come say hello!)

One interesting element of the performance is that Teezva seems effortlessly between triggering clips and loops and individual one-shots. Many performances I see tend to focus on one or the other, but compositionally, that provides more flexibility.

Just keep tapping those fingers to keep your dexterity up.

Via Beatnick audio, another live take with Teezva, in which he also talks a bit about what he’s doing. (And yes, he really can replicate this performance, lest you thought the above video was the result of umpteen takes.)

Here’s the PAD-One, looking for all the world like a KORG padKONTROL and a nano series had a love child:

Vestax PAD-One

— though, naturally, this is applicable on any pad controller you like.