It’d be silly to write a long post about an (extremely) short film, so I’ll just say this.

Sometimes, I open my inbox, and I see an email that says nothing other than this:


Just want to show some gypsy motion graphics


Best, Pavel

I won’t make any further introduction. Gypsy motion graphics. See top.

The Vimeo and Behance pages actually says a bit more – enough so that it’ll take you longer, perhaps, than the 20 seconds that it takes to watch the film:

Inspired films by Emir Kusturica and music by No Smoking Orchestra.
Thanks to monobrow
And full project you can find here
Tribute to Emir is non commercial project and promo video for documental film “Balkan Star”(Balkanskaya Zvezda) by Andrej Grigorev. The film and the promo inspired by films by Emir Kusturica and music by “No Smoking Orchestra”. For me it was hard working about a month or two. And it was very interesting, so I hope you like it too. Thanks for watching!

Below, another half-minute piece by Pavel. No gypsies. 30 seconds to Mars.

Pavel is another of what appears to be a cadre of inventive visualists from Russia; he’s from Ekaterinthburg. It’s not digital at all, but my favorite thing he’s done is a Gorky Box Shadow Theater that makes me wish I were doing shadow puppets again. And along the same lines, here’s a “mechanical ballet,” inspired by a 1916 work, which mixes “living and mechanical worlds.” (Ask me about the time I had an insect infestation in an external optical drive. Weren’t pretty.)

Keep it coming to my inbox, wherever you are in the world.